Healthy Gorgeous Lips that aren’t   

Cracked, Dry or Dehydrated




If you’ve ever wanted to have healthy gorgeous lips that aren’t cracked, dry and dehydrated allow me to show you how to achieve this NOW! It’s the quickest, easiest way.”

Hello and thanks for wanting to learn more about your LIPS and the unique remedies that help create plump and smooth lips.

Have you ever?

Been embarrassed by the state of your lips or looked at everyone else’s and wondered why you weren’t blessed with such lovely pouty ones.  Instead, you sometimes feel like you’ve been standing in a desert for a month, and can’t figure out why your lips are always cracked and dry?

And a big concern for most people like you; In fact, I know you secretly desire to have smooth lips that won’t let your lipstick bleed, or stop you every 5 minutes to reapply your lip product is a massive concern for you! And I know you’ve often looked in the mirror and been surprised about where all your lip lines come from.



Janine HallMy name’s Janine and I own a company that makes organic skincare, in particular, my world famous Organic Lip Balm. Which has been featured since 2016 at the Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills Celebrating Oscars Weekend for Hollywood & Celebrity Gifting. 

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of gifting many A-List Celebs including the gorgeous Oprah, Ellen, Kate Winslet, Chris Rock just to name a few. I am truly grateful to be able to gift these amazing products.

 I originally began as a remedial massage, beauty & healing therapist. Specialising in formulating organic skincare products that heal your body and I’ve worked with over 18 000 clients.

Here’s what I know the 3 biggest problems people just like you have when it comes to lips are:

Problem 1: You’re embarrassed about how your lips look. They always seem to be dry, cracked or dehydrated.

Problem 2: Your lips can be so painful that even smiling can hurt. And if you’re a woman having lips that don’t suffer from “lipstick bleed” is a huge problem for you.

Problem 3: Expensive treatments cost lots of money and time. 

The ultimate result is you end up feeling embarrassed and completely frustrated about how your lips look.
What makes The Organic Lip Balm Company products so powerful is the quality of the Raw certified organic ingredients. Formulated from the pure synergy where science, nature, beauty, and well-being synchronise. Each ingredient is researched thoroughly to give you the BEST and most effective lip care treatment in the world.  This enables all enzymes to keep intact and give you the best nutrient-rich product possible.

No1: It works in 24 hours or less

No 2: Replaces over 5 lip care products

No 3: It reduces lip bleed


I’ve created these amazing products because I believe that everyone wants to look and feel more confident.
And I love helping people feel beautiful from the inside out.
But I’ve got a confession to make….

I’ve been creating these amazing lip care products for around 18 years and they go with me everywhere. In fact, you know how you do things so often you forget you’re actually doing it! Well, that’s been me and now I’m sharing this with you. 

You see I’ve been using this product for almost anything because it’s so good. There’s even a running a joke in my home… my family and I often say when we’ve hurt or done something to ourselves “just put the lip balm on it, it’ll fix it”. I take it to the park just in case I get bitten by an ant, I use it as a nail care massage balm, it’s also great for mild burns and cracks.

The Organic Lip Balm also works to ease 

Cold Sores




Dry brittle Nails 

Skin Redness


I’m so fascinated with lips I even wrote  One Million Kisses and I am Australia’s leading expert on Lip Print Reading. One Million Kisses is a valuable guide and resource book for those who what to understand more about how one kiss can truly make a difference in your life. One Million Kisses shares the hidden secrets your lips reveal about your personality, your characteristics, vulnerabilities, and gives you an insight into your emotional and physical health and wellbeing. 


What is the number ONE reason your lips get cracked, sore and lose collagen?

Your lips don’t have any sebaceous glands which are required to produce sebum this is the natural oil that sits on the top layer of our skin, it keeps your lips hydrated and protected.

Our lips are one of four body parts that don’t have sebaceous glands which means that the only way our lips stay hydrated is how much water we drink and whatever we apply to them. This is why it’s so important to not only protect them from the wind and the sun and changing weather conditions, but also from the loss of collagen.

You may not know this but your lips are around .3mm thick (try separating a 2 ply tissue for an example of how thick your lips are). This is why your lips appear to lose collagen quickly.

Collagen is the plump feeling in your lips and the only way you can naturally get this is by consuming good food that has a high content of amino acids as these are the building blocks to creating healthy cells which are where the collagen is produced. 

Are you aware that by applying a regular lip mask/exfoliate it helps stimulate and oxygenate the amount of blood flow through your cells? Which encourages your body to keep healthy and produce good amounts of collagen. It’s also the number one beauty remedy that helps smooth and softens your lips.  You can learn more here about our 24-7 Plump & Smooth Lip Remedy Kit.

Did you know that a recent study suggested that lip care products still use lead and it’s as high as 75%? Now I find that scary and according to some studies there is no safe level of lead in our lip care products. And to top it off you have products that are still using mineral oils, petroleum products, and known carcinogens. Even ones that are marketed as safe and natural.

That’s why it’s so important to understand what you’re applying to your lips as you are essentially eating it.
With more and more of us living and working in air-conditioning, it makes it very hard for your lips to maintain a healthy balance of moisture which is why applying a lip balm and exfoliating regularly are essential to your lip health.

What about long wear lip products are they safe?

The technology used for long wear lip products gives the effect of transdermal water loss, which means that there’s a film that sits over the top of your lip but doesn’t allow any penetration of moisture to occur. This makes them incredibly dehydrating to your lips.

What are the TOP 10 Nasty ingredients found in lipstick and lip-balms?


All of these are known carcinogens and hormonal disruptors. Some (most) are known for affecting and or causing birth defects, migraines, headaches, hormonal imbalances, allergies, allergic reactions, itching rashes, and inflammation.

Now that you have a much better idea around lip care ingredients and why it’s so important to know exactly what you’re putting on your lips, I’d like to share something else with you that I’m sure you will find fascinating.

Facts about your LIPS!


It’s all about your lip health and how your body shows you if your lips have allergies or where your body isn’t coping.

Here are some facts about your lips

Long before MRI’s and hospital diagnostic machines we were taught how to listen to your body. In traditional Chinese Medicine (beginning 3000 years ago) and through learning holistic health care each part of your body is linked to certain organs and emotional functions of your body.
1. Your top lip is related and linked to your stomach, spleen, and pancreas
2. Your bottom lip is linked to your intestines
3. Pale lips are indicators of a weak pancreas
4. Cracked lips are relating to digestive and stomach imbalances
5. Sore lips are clues to allergies
6. Soft pink lips are a sign you’re in good health


Did you know that women (and men too) apply lip balms up to 30 times a day, have you ever stopped to consider how often you apply yours?

A KISSING Good Story
Kathryn loves cycling but after applying her normal lip care product for some time she developed an allergic reaction that left her lips swollen and sore. After trying the Organic Lip Balm 24-7 Lip remedy she couldn’t believe how great her lips felt in less than 24 hours. Now they’re soft and smooth and because the product contains natural SPF they’re protected from the sun as well.


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