10 simple ways to Celebrating YOU!


Recently hosting one of our Pop up stores I met some very special customers in person and I cannot share with you enough how amazing YOU all are! I  Connected with new people, clients and people I’d previously only spoken to on the phone and email.


These gorgeous women shared with me little snippets of what’s been happening in their lives since we first met, and the stories were incredible. Some secret, whilst others treasured, funny and full of gratitude. All with a huge thank you for helping. I feel very privileged to share in their journey even in such a small way.

It never ceases to amaze me how a small “thank you for helping me” can mean the world to others. And it’s important to remember that our attitude in the little things can carry the most weight. 

Last month our humble little organic lip balm product and One Million Kisses book sat in a grand hotel suite in Beverly Hill’s saying “thankyou” to some of the most elite Hollywood celebrities. Specifically chosen for sharing in the love of oneself and to congratulate the courage, it takes to step up and say #metoo. 

There aren’t too many people that this movement hasn’t or won’t affect and I am in awe of those who bravely speak up. We encourage each other.

I share this with you as it’s my little way of saying thank you for being courageous.

I believe that: 


#METOO is a movement towards self! 






And I deeply believe that when we find our voice the world listens. Today and all through April, we are celebrating YOU! 

Your words and behaviour have a ripple effect on everyone around you, consider this; are they positive or negative, which will YOU choose? 

We often get caught up in the “busyness” of life we forget to celebrate our little wins, triumphs and even our tantrums. 

Here are our 10 super simple ways to celebrate YOU!


1.    Laugh at your mistakes

2.    Have an attitude of gratitude

3.    Find Joy in everything you do

4.    Eat what you REALLY want

5.    Delegate your chores list

6.    Give yourself the social media shout out

7.    Have a celebration with friends

8.    Shout yourself an instant gratification GIFT

9.    Unleash your inner child and spend some time playing

10. Listen to happy music and sing & dance like no one’s watching


Once you’ve done all the fun things on the list, and said what needed saying. You’re probably thinking what now?

Here’s my number one SECRET TIP that really works, practice forgiveness it’s the best starting point to begin to CELEBRATE YOU!

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