Top 10 Thin Lip Personality Secret Powers

So you’ve got thin lips and you wish you’d  been blessed with big full lips. You believe there sexier and would make you feel more beautiful. For a long time, magazines, fashion and makeup houses would have you believe that the only way you could feel sexy was to have full lips. 

In-fact there’s been entire industry created around this myth and fear. In the USA there is a non-surgical facial augmentation performed every 19 minutes. Why? Because women feel they “need” full lips to make themselves feel happier.

 I’m here to tell you that I’m about to blow that myth right out of the water. WHY? Because many women who have thin lips don’t know their own secret powers, and I can assure you there is plenty to proud or if you’ve been blessed as a thin lip loving lady (or gent).

In todays latest blog you’re about to learn exactly what the 10 Thin lip Secrets super powers are that will leave you loving your lips and their unique qualities that ONLY thin lip people have.

Did you know there are 9 lip personality’s that each have and hold their own unique traits? You could be a self-assured extravert or humbled quiet and a deep thinking introvert or somewhere in between.

10 Thin lip Secret Super Powers


Secret 1: Thin lipped people are very determined, meaning their great to have around if you want the job done.

Secret 2: Often striving for perfection, meaning they will do this properly – they make take a little more time then a full lipped personality but the task will be done perfectly.

Secret 3: Are great listeners, making them suitable for roles such as councillors, phycologists and life coaches.

Secret 4: Very loyal to their friends – often a close inner circle of eclectic personalities.

Secret 5: They love be courageous – meaning they will try new things after they have thought about it for a while. 

Secret 6:  Sensible and grounded – You tend to be earthier than blingy, although you like the finer things in life a false bravado of diamonds and flowers won’t work with you. You won’t be bought with flashy cars and diamonds rings. 

Secret 7:  The keeper of secret – because you’re a good listener you will hear many secrets in your lifetime. You are a trusted confidant.

Secret 8:  You have a calming energy and tend not to worry about the things you can’t control. You handle most stressful situations with ease or a greater knowing that it all work out. You don’t sweat the small stuff.

Secret 9:  Honesty plays a major role in your life and often times people may ask for your advice and not be ready to hear your thoughts. Why? Because you often hit a “bullseye” of some underlying feelings or emotions. Refer to secret 1.

Secret 10Your funny and you love a good laugh. You can see the fun side of life because your concerned only with what is relevant. You don’t take yourself to seriously or concern yourself with what others are saying about you. You have your own unique style.

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