couple smiling10 Tips to Totally Kissable lips

 No 1: Be happy a smile says a thousand words.   Try not to lick your lip to much as this can cause redness and cracks. Having cracks makes smiling painful


No 2: Exfoliate your lips.  Having smooth lips is the easiest way to keep your lip from becoming dry and cracked. Avoid sugar and nuts to exfoliate your delicate lip area. These ingredients are too harsh try using soft and gentle exfoliants such as clay.


No 3: Moisturise and Hydrate.  Helps to eliminate cracks making your lips appear smoother and softer. Keep your lips sun safe and choose ingredients that have a natural SPF.


No 4: Drink plenty of water.  Your lips don’t have sebaceous glands which is why its important to keep the water intake high. Your lips are totally reliant on you to provide moisture; they can’t produce the important oil called sebum which natural occurs through your sebaceous glands.


No 5: Have fresh breath.  Did you know by chewing a fresh mint leaf can help to calm and nervous tension as well as assisting your digestive system with allergies and food. Making this the perfect accompaniment to assist with fresh breath. Choose fresh mint leaves.


No 6: Wear a clear lip balm.  Chose a clear balm that doesn’t contain fragrances and perfumes and avoid glosses these can often be to thick.


No 7Ditch the Red Lipstick.  Although this looks fantastic it makes kissing a little messy and you could end up with an entire red stained mouth which could be hard to wash off.


No 8: Make sure lips are healthy.  Avoid kissing someone with a cold sore or pimples on the lips as this can lead to unwanted exchange of harmful bacteria. (See lip tip 2 assist with this).


No 9Use a light lip tint.  By using a natural lip tint it can enhance your natural lip colour making it appear smooth and naturally plumper. Plus, you’re less likely to nervously lick you lips.


No 10: Ease up on the fillers.  Your lips need to have a natural appearance and often you may be exposed to “too much filler” giving you an over exaggerated pout. Keep it soft and smooth

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