When it comes to finding out your bodies secrets your bottom lip can reveal a lot about your health. Whether you’re biting, licking or suffering from scaly, peeling, puffy or thick vertical lines. It’s time to learn what all these symptoms really mean for your health.

Did you know that every body part carries signs of physical and emotional reactions and stresses and your lips are no different in fact they are one of the best indicators to your overall wellbeing? And even if your lips don’t look like this all the time, no doubt you would have experienced one or many symptoms in your life time.

When you know the signs to look for you’re more likely to be able to understand and fix the problem.

 Your bottom lip is directly linked to your large intestines, and when this becomes inflamed it can quiet often turn different colours. The large intestine is the last port of call for your body to eliminate waste. There are very little nutrients left when your food reaches the large intestine. How ever this doesn’t mean that it’s not important to you body and its well being. In fact, its responsible for the removal of everything that you no longer require. In Traditional Chinese medicine this also means both physical and meta physical situation and is closely related to the lung area.

If your feeling emotionally stuck or psychically sluggish this could mean that you aren’t digesting (or can’t stomach/let go of) what ever is going on around you. Hence why you’re feeling bloating or gassy.

Secret One: 

There are reasons why your lips turn different colours, whether that’s red, blue or white each colour represents a different problem or allergy. Your bottom lip is also closely linked to your lung area

White could mean dairy intolerance

Red could indicate a meat/fried food or sugar intolerance

Blue could be lungs/breath or asthma related

Foods that are harder for your body to digest are: Dairy, red meat & fried foods. Some grains can also cause issues with your digestion. 

When your emotions are connected to your red/blue/white lips they will take on lumpy or blistery appearance that something is sitting under the surface. This is often the case around your perception of a continual situation that you think or feel someone has done something to you that you didn’t like and you’ve left things unsaid for quiet a while and are unable to let go of these feelings.

Secret Two:

Does your bottom lip have large vertical lines that are quiet deep to look at or perhaps may even appear swollen? This can be a sign of constipation and can often also result in feelings of anxiety, temporary loss of memory, anxious, unable to sleep, rosacea, forgetfulness. Try avoiding the above foods as well watching the type of banana you’re eating.   According to constipation experts  a green banana may cause constipation, where as a ripe banana may ease constipation.

 Secret Three:

Scaly, peeling or puffy lips are often a sign of dehydration this can be caused by consuming to much alcohol, sodas, fruit juices and eating sweets high in artificial colours and flavours. The cells in your body simply don’t know what your putting into your body and need to work twice as hard to digest these highly processed food. Often they can become stuck in your stomach and can take around 15-25 hours to reach your large intestine which may give you the feeling and appearance of feeling bloated. This can be reflective in your bottom lip as appearing swollen.

 Indicators you’re not digesting your emotional or physical surroundings:Your moody, irrational and don’t seem to be able to let things go easily. You’re constantly worried that you don’t have enough or something is going to go wrong.

With your diet it’s best to concentrate on one food part at a time and do a slow elimination process that way you are more likely to find out what causes this quickly.

Solution to kick-start your return to health

By applying a topical & directly calming and anti-inflammatory which is high in anti-oxidant ingredients is one of the best ways to ease the physical symptoms quickly. Then you’re able to work on your diet.

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