3 Common Sleep Patterns that can cause LiP WRiNKLES!



Have you noticed when you get up in the morning the lines around your lips? If so you’re not alone in fact lip procedures are the number one requested procedure in the US. Last year according to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons a lip treatment was done every 20 minutes. The UK, Australia and New Zealand aren’t far behind. 

Knowing this is the most common and expensive way to fix lip wrinkles & plumpness could there be a better more cost-effective way to treating these little lines that women DREAD?


Firstly there are many contributing factors as to why your lips get lines on and around them. Most common is aging, smoking, your personal skin/body health as well as your digestion and gut health. 

What if one of the biggest reasons for those pesky lines was the way you were sleeping and what you’re doing in your sleep?


The 3 biggest concerns when you sleep that cause LIP STRESS are:

1.     Grinding your jaw

2.     Pursing your lips

3.     Clenching your teeth


Have you woken to find your jaw is sore and your lips feel tight? 


Often this happens when you’ve been stressed or overly worried about something. Did you know we tend to worry a lot at night, especially when you can’t sleep? I’m sure you have nights where all you do is lie awake, wonder and worry about everything and everyone. 


Did you know that your lips have 11 muscles directly associated with every movement they make? In fact, one of the strongest muscles in our bodies; Obiularis Oris sometimes called the kissing muscle as it’s responsible for pursing/clenching our lips. The muscle Buccinator is responsible for chewing and linked to the corners of your mouth. The Zygomaticus Major is commonly referred to as the smile muscle as it pulls the corners of your mouth up.


Knowing how your muscles work can help you achieve not only a good night’s sleep but also a lot fewer wrinkles. 



1.     Cheeky Circles: Massage in a circular motion the outer corners of the top/bottom of your jaw where your teeth meet.  Clockwise for 90 seconds.

2.     Bubbly Cheeks: Take a mouthful of air so it expands your cheeks, like holding your breath. Move the air from side to side, top, and bottom. Repeat for 90 seconds.

3.     Lip Stretch: Open your mouth as wide as you can with your lips pursed firmly around your teeth and stretching over your lip area hold for around 10 seconds repeat up to 90 seconds.


Try these exercises nightly before you go to bed and watch your sleep patterns and lip wrinkles improve!


For best results try using a supportive product such as the luscious lip serum to complement your sleeping patterns. This product is designed to promote healthy sleep by calming the often overactive lip area. Or for complete lip care results try the 24/7 Plump and Smooth Lip Remedy Kit.


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