Whether it a kiss, smooch or a peck there's a lot more to a kiss then you think

Whether it a kiss, smooch or a peck there’s a lot more to a kiss then you thinkWhat’s in a Kiss - Smooch or a Peck?

What’s in a Kiss - Smooch - Peck

It’s International Kissing day on the 6th July which is a perfect time to celebrate all things about kissing and your lips.

Did you know there are over 10 different kissing styles. Here’s a brief look at the 3 most common styles? Kissing is  a gesture and is used to communicate and express how you feel about someone. It’s also deeply connected to how we want to be seen by the other recipient.

But there’s more to a kiss then you might think; have you ever had that awkward moment when you end up actually connecting your lips with a stranger when you meant to kiss them on the cheek? Especially at a function or an event where you want to really make a big impression, this can leave you feeling embarrassed and slightly inappropriate.Your lips are the most sensitive part of your entire body with an average of 10 000 nerve endings? Perhaps that’s why kissing is one of the most loving things we can do. Whether it’s a friendly kiss on the cheek with a friend or heart warming expression of your love with someone special. We’ve all had a memorable kiss that can “literally take your breath away” or leave you feeingl like you’ve kissed yet another frog.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.17.35 pmHere’s the top 3 Kissing Styles

The Friendship Kiss: Or the greeting hello kiss. Generally, on either side of your face and rarely on your lips. The touching of the cheeks pays reference to trust and self worth. And this style of kissing is generally found to be an appropriate way to great people you are familiar with but not intimate with. It’s about you wanting them to trust and like you. However you generally don’t give a stranger a kiss like this the first time you meet them. Most people will start with a hand shake but as you get more familiar with them you will lead with a greeting kiss on the cheek as you leave if its the opposite sex or two females.

The Forehead Kiss: This represents a deep connection and fondness with who you are. Gentle, kind and loving. You have a more intimate connection with this person. Often it’s a sign of inner wisdom and healing. The forehead kiss is a common way to kiss your children as they grow up and also your partner. It’s very unlikely that you would kiss a stranger or an acquaintance on the head, especially at a business/networking meeting.

The French Kiss: This is an intimate event shared between two people who have loving and deep affectionate feelings towards each other. It’s the most intimate way to express your feelings to someone you care about. The lips are connected to every chakra point particularly the heart chakra.

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Equally when thinking about how, who and why you want to kiss or greet someone you should also know there are rules around when you shouldn’t kiss someone.

No 1: You should never kiss any one with cracked and sort lips, especially if you have cold sores. Not even if you’re familiar with them.

No 2: When giving a friendship kiss or greeting hello you should go to the non-dominant side which is often the left hand side; so I say “Keep left to avoid a head on”.

No 3: Make sure you don’t have bad breath or a cold, as this can be rather off putting to the other person.

Janine is the owner of The Organic Lip Balm Company whose world famous Plump & Smooth Lip Therapy kit was recently gifted to Hollywood A list celebs at this years Academy Awards. Janine is an expert in skin care and facial reading body language.

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