Do you know the telltale signs your lips reveal to YOU that you’re about to experience dry and cracked lips?



Did you know your lips are pretty cluey when it comes to their health and they reveal 72 hours before you even see the first signs of cracks or soreness that they need attention NOW!

Here’s the 3 things that happen…. 

No 1 Your lips have a tingly sensation 

No 2. You begin to lick your lips

No 3. Cracks & redness appear in the corners of your mouth and the outside of your lip area.

When this is happening or even after you see the first signs of sore lips appear you often go and grab any old product from the counter of the chemist to try and alleviate that painful feeling, you know how painful it can be when even smiling hurts; we’ve all been.   

Perhaps you’ve even found yourself rummaging around in your hand bag for the little tube you saw in their last month… but it seems to have disappeared!

You rush to the chemist ask the counter assistant; “What have you got for cracked and sore lips”. The lady hands you some cheap product in tube and says here; “try this it seems to sell well”.  You hurry to your car where you smother it all over your lips which are now smelling like sweets in a candy store. You have no idea if it will work or not, or much less despite reading the packaging what’s actually in it. And at this point you really don’t care, you just want your lips to stop stinging.

Days later you’re still struggling with those pesky sore and cracked lips and it seems despite the pretty packaging and smell to your resent purchase it’s not really helping.

What if you didn’t have to suffer like this anymore? And you could actually solve your lip bleed and soreness in 24 hours, how good would that feel and is it even possible?

Here’s what you may not know about most lip balms on the market today….


No 1. They contain harmful carcinogenic ingredients, especially the ones that smell like candy

No 2. Even when it appears that the product is “natural” it’s most likely made from a petroleum base, which is technically natural.

No 3. If its coloured, it contains synthetic ingredients that actually make your lips worse.


So what do you look for in a lip balm and how will you know if you’ve got the right one?

There are 3 things you need to consider when looking for a good lip balm that “actually works” quickly to alleviate that pain.

No 1. It needs to be anti-bacterial

No 2. It needs to contain lots of anti-oxidants 

No 3. It needs to have anti-inflammatory qualities


These 3 things are critical  benefits, now of course there are many other things you need to consider but these make the main difference if you want your painful cracked lips to heal quickly.

Its time to get yourself prepared for the inevitable, because you know at some point in the next 3-4 weeks the likeliness of your lips getting sore are pretty high, especially with this unpredictable weather we’re experiencing at the moment. 

And you may not know it but there’s a rapid solution that will keep your lips healthy all the time, and you’ll be able to act instantly if you happen to get sore lips.

Here’s what one of our happy customers thinks…


I have spent many years doing outdoor all day activities such as, boat fishing, sport, construction and hiking, and suffer from dry lips. Finding a lip balm that did not irritate the skin was always a hit and miss. I always tried the ones with minimum fragrance or taste but having sensitive skin so often I had irritation problems. Reading your story in the local paper grabbed my attention about an organic lip balm, plus your own personal journey, so it was worth a try. My first preference is always organic if it is available and having purchased the first jar has proved great, giving my lips a soft moisture feeling with no redness, irritation, or dryness and white scaling.

I think your product is great

Cheers Colin Jackson


We’ve been formulating our organic lip balm for over 15 years and recently it was gifted to the Hollywood Oscar Nominees at this years Academy Awards and A list Celebs such as Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Chris Rock, Jennifer Lawrence have all received our amazing product.

People have stalked me for my organic lip balm and now with the addition of our Plump and Smooth lip therapy kit, you’re on your way to keeping your lips healthy, happy and ohh so soft.

Our product contains the finest certified organic ingredients that I’ve actually formulated specifically for your lip health, you see there’s not too much we don’t know about lips. It generates healthy cell activity and is microbial which means it contains ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help alleviate those pesky sore lips. We use organic Manuka honey which is used in hospitals to help with the deadly staph infections (MRSA), along with pure organic vanilla beans, sandalwood, red clay.

The unique way in which its formulated using scientifically proven ingredients that actually work gives amazing results

No 1. It stops lip bleed

No 2. Works in 24 hours

No 3. Replaces 5 lip products

And you don’t have to worry I know that it can be risky trying something for the first time which is why I have my 30 day, money back guarantee. If you’re not completely delighted let me know and you will be given a full refund.

Whether you’re a keens sports enthusiast, model, personal trainer, mature or younger, and have had problematic lips your entire life. This will be the best thing you’ve ever tried, its my personal guarantee to you!

I even have bundles such as my mother and daughter package available just in case you don’t want to share.

Don’t get caught out next time your lips give you a nudge they need a little help, get your lip balm today from a professional who truly care about the health and happiness of your lips.

Why not try some today!

If you would like to know more about the benefits to your lips click here and go to the learn more tab  which is directly under the Plump and Smooth Lip Therapy kit, you can also look at our lip tips here.


PPS. Did I mention your lip balm even has it’s own handy little bag, so you never loose it again!