5 secrets to Minimalist Make-up

On average did you know that most women have approximately 40 makeup products in their cosmetic kits and even more surprisingly only use around 5 items. 

Do you ever get confused about what to buy when you run out of your favourite makeup? In a world filled with consumerism, buying the latest products is seen as a must do. Only to get it home, use it a couple of times before you lose it at the back of beauty bag, never to be seen again.

Would you like to know the secrets of becoming a minimalist make-up user? 

For me I am a total minimalist, in fact, I could be considered lazy when it comes to makeup application. I have around 5 products in my must have kit that I use for over 15 different items. 

Even when I’m creating products I’m thinking how else can this be used, what else is it good for? I am also a big believer in combining health benefits with beauty products. 

Here’s how I multitask my 5 makeup items: 

Lip BalmNatural SPFCold soresNatural exfoliator
Mineral PowderBlushEyeshadowLip Tint
FoundationContour/blemish Light and dark winter and summer
Brow ContoureyelinersmudgeEyeshadow
Lip SerumUnder eyesmaskexfoliator


My top 5 secrets are:

1: Look for items that have health and beauty benefits

2: Buy quality over quantity

3: Throw out the things you haven’t used in over a 2 months

4: Keep it simple

5: Know all the benefits of the ingredients /don’t look at the marketing statements

Start to go through your cosmetics cupboard today, throw out what is no longer relevant, out of date or you simply don’t like. Keep your range up to date by following a simple easy multi-tasker minimalist approach and you’ll find wearing these make-up goodies less of a chore. 

Remember the concept of any application is first and foremost to protect, enhance and heal.