Before and After!


How to have

fabulously Glowy LIPS

in 5 minutes or Less 


Here’s a little story about what happened at our recent POP UP One Day Only EVENT in West Hollywood…..



Kelsey was running late due to LA traffic for her appointment and by the time she arrived was feeling frazzled and wanting to curl up in a little ball and go to sleep for the day.

Having her lip makeover was something she desperately wanted to experience, after all, she had never actually had one, or even heard that you could give yourself a lip makeover.

As I settled Kelsey in and made sure she was comfortable I began to explain all the hidden things your lips can tell about YOU!

Did you know that your lips?

1. Are the start of the digestive system

 2. Tell you when you are dehydrated 

3. Give you signs your probably allergic to food 

4. Are the most sensitive part of your entire body

5. Cold sores are a physical manifestation of a very stressful time in your life


I also gave Kelsey some insider lip personality secrets about her top lip and how it revealed how creative and highly intelligent she was!


After hearing all these new things about her lips, Kelsey was very keen to experience how her lips would feel after her makeover. 

To begin with, I started to freshen up her lips with our much loved and versatile mineral powder which is full of super plumping and smoothing qualities. This helped to remove dead skin cells that often occur on our lips. Massaging specific sculpting techniques to release tensions in the upper and lower lip, Kelsey began to relax.

I could feel the tension easing from her lip area

Starting stage two of the lip makeover, using the luscious lip serum which is gorgeous and light on your lips to create an even more tranquil experience.

Showing Kelsey how to ease her lips tension and keep them stress-free with 5 unique lip exercises. Let’s call it lips-excise, it’s boot camp for LIPS! These were fun and easy to do and she felt immediate results.

After completing our Lips-excise, I started stage 3 of our lip-makeover which is where I get to showcase how unique and handy these products can actually be in your everyday life. 

I initiated showing my simple routine on how to apply the mineral powder as a blush, eye shadow, and lip pencil. Kelsey couldn’t believe you could use one product in so many different ways. 

For the final stage of the lip makeover, I introduced the gorgeous colourful Intentional Beauty Balms of which Kelsey chose POWER to give her courage and strength.  I demonstrated how to use them for colour and to set an intention for how she wanted to feel throughout the day. 

Kelsey totally loved her lip makeover and couldn’t wait to go home to and start using all her new products in her 24/7 Plump & Smooth Lip Remedy Kit and doing the lips-excise routine.

If you would like to know more about how I can show you how to help your lips feel fabulous with my lip makeover, simply send me an email for more lip-tips!