How to Feng Shui your lipstick in your 20, 30, 40 and 50’s

lipstick red side onHave you ever wondered what the essence of colour means to your lips? If so you’re not alone; it’s an ancient tradition dating backing centuries. In fact, you’ll find the early Egyptians, ancient Mayans and other civilisations realised the important of colour to their lips and began to experiment using different natural minerals. 


Cleopatra began adorning her lips with red colours made from beetles. Mayans used different earth clays to beautify their faces and lips whilst the Chinese started applying lip colour some 5000 years ago, it was a thick paste like substance and was more of a lip balm consistency, it was sticky and applied with a brush. 

Both males and females decorated their faces with colours and paints. It’s used to express ourselves in different cultures and is associated with traditions and celebrations.

In earlier times lipstick colours where produced by using seaweed, beetles, ants and the dyes of plants and vegetables and animal products.

Here’s how you can Feng Shui your lips to suit your age.

As we grow and learn through the decades there are certain colours that will suit your style, skin tone and age better then others. Simply because they’re more reflective as you are as a person at that time of your life.

In your 20’s you can wear a lighter red which shows your open to new experiences but still not quiet sure of yourself, but by the time you reach your 30’s and 40’s you’re into a deeper red indicating your passion, fun and creativity. In your 50’s & later you’re more likely to consider a softer red again as you like the quieter side of loud. You’re interested in subtle music rather than heavy metal bands.

Did you know that red lipstick makes your teeth appear whiter? 

Orange is great in your 20’s however if you’re still wearing it in you’re 50’s you might think your still 20 and can be rather playful in your approach to life. Have fun and be creative. You’re strong willed yet mindful of others. A great sense of self worth and incredibly courageous. 

Bright pink and purples are more for in your 20’s this shows your creative playful side and willing to experience new things, without making a grand statement such as a red lipstick does. However, in your 30’s & 40’s your more likely to choose a lighter shade of pink. This indicates your still creative, fun, playful. But you can also see the lighter side of life and don’t take yourself to seriously.

You will notice that the bright and lights colours of red/pink shades are opposite for each decade. This is your education and learning patterns as you mature and step into your womanly wilds.

Soft pink – indicates your heart centred, loyal and generous.

Bright Pink –  you know what you want and you’re not afraid to go after it. However, be mindful of others around as you may be misunderstood especially when it comes to humour. People won’t get your jokes but you do and that’s the most important thing.

Light tan in your 30’s-40’s means your aware of the need to be considerate and connect with others in a more authentic way. Whilst darker browns in your 20’s may indicate you’re determination to be different you could even be a bit more tom boyish rather than flowery and frilly. You’ve mastered the art of compromise and you’re not argumentative and can be quiet thoughtful of others feelings.

 A semi-shimmer to medium brown/tan in your 50’s and beyond indicates your need for balance in your life as well.


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