angelina-jolie-08-2What Fuller lips say about your personality

Have you ever wondered why we have different shaped lips? Well our lips are as varied as our personalities, body shapes, hair colour and are as unique to us as our own finger prints. Now of course there are some similarities but your lips are unique to you.

There are 6 different fuller lips styles?

Wide full lips and even both on the top and the bottom

The person whose lips seem to be uniformly perfect (as far as fuller lips go) appear to have it all, parenthood, marriage, countless friends, and successful businesses and are quiet creative. You might see this type of lip personality on stage, acting as a clown or a drama coach. They’re generally passionate people with a driven personality. There’s also a soft and gentle side to this person who can be a perfectionist. They love being the organiser and are also great listeners.  Don’t discard their sincerity as it can be very generous. They strive to be perfect at everything which can sometimes lead illness when their life isn’t perfect.

The fuller lip person is courageous, generous and kind. If you’re a woman with fuller lips, you tend to want to be a mother to everyone and will often donate or give your time to those children less fortunate then yourself. Or perhaps you may be a mothering figure to your friends. People with even fuller lips are often successful business people in the creative arts areas.  Whether you do it part time of fulltime on a grand stage … you find a way to express your loving ways. For the most part they are even tempered, however their perfectionism can lead to putting a lot of pressure on themselves that could lead to frustration.

Small full lips and even on top and bottom

The lip personality that has a smaller mouth with a fuller lip can be the person in the background that knows everything. Although they generally don’t like to be front and centre of the “stage” they are not shy either, preferring to work in the background. Are great on the phone and make good sales people as long as they don’t need to be out the front spruiking, something like a retail or rep position suits them. The bottom lip represents the masculine side and the top lip is the feminine side. You are naturally flirtatious.

Fuller bottom lip and slightly thinner on top

If your lip is fuller on the bottom you’ll notice that you often take the lead. You tend not to like to many flowery things such as clothing and home decorations. But you are soft, gentle and genuine. You have a trustworthy character and people are often drawn to you. You can be referred to as “cute” often.

Fuller on top and slightly thinner on the bottom

You’re a great mediator and don’t like conflict. If there’s a problem, you can guarantee that you’re there to help sort it out so that everyone is heard. Your generous and kind and you like things to be gentle and feminine rather than loud and masculine. Your more likely to be in to pop and opera than a heavy metal band. You tend to have a more female friends than male. 

Even lips with no dip in the middle (or cupids bow as its called)

You’re incredibly even keeled as they say… some time too much! Meaning that you may be mistaken for not caring or feeling blaze’ about things. Although you’re not it’s just that you don’t let things get you down or bother you too much. You find worrying a waste of time and prefer to concentrate on the matter at hand. If there’s a problem, you’ll find a solution almost straight away. You are very generous with your time and love helping people. You’re determined to make things right as quickly as possible.

Enhanced fuller lips

Altering your lips can bring about unwanted stress to your body and you may feel like you play catch up with things and that you never have enough or that your want more. You like the latest fads which means you’re a fashionista and a designers dream. Shiny bright and new are what you love, you’re not really into antiques and old things unless they are family related.

You may appear to be over zealous but you have a kind heart and can be very generous with your time as long as its self serving and you don’t feel that your wasting your time because there is so much to do you can’t sit still. You love being busy and are very social.

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