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Do you know the number ONE reason why your lips get cracked, sore and loose collagen?

Your lips don’t have any sebaceous glands. This natural oil film is called sebum it sits on the top layer of your skin and helps protect it from dehydrating. When the weather turns a little cooler it often affects your lips substantially, they can become rapidly dehydrated even within a matter of hours. 

This is why it’s so important to not only protect them from the wind, sun and changing weather conditions, but also from the loss of collagen.

You may not know this but your lips are around .3mm thick (try separating a 2 ply tissue for an example of how thick your lips are). This is why your lips appear to loose collagen quickly. When you loose collagen your lips are more likely to feel dehydrated and be prone to having issues such as cold sores and cracks.

7 ways to help heal Cold sores and dryness virtually overnight

1.   Drink water

2.   Stay away from parabens

3.   Keep your lips moist

4.   Don’t lick your lips

5.   Avoid fragrances and petroleum ingredients

6.   Avoid salty and sugary foods

7.   Don’t use lanolin

There are many lifestyle issues that could cause a breakout of this viral infection commonly referred to as a cold sore such as stress, cold weather, dental work, exposure to wind & sunlight, as well as hormonal changes. Be mindful of any remedies you use that may suppress your immune system. 

Cold sores are best described as small blisters around and inside your mouth. Most often the virus will get better by itself if you can tolerate the pain associated with them. It normally takes 7 – 10 days for it to completely clear.  However, you can help make a cold sore go away overnight if use well-known microbial ingredients that can quicken the healing process.

Because it’s a bacterial infection it is best to avoid sharing drinks and cutlery. Always be sure to wash your hands thoroughly or you could risk spreading the virus to other areas of your body

The number one signs your about to get a cold sore is when your lips begin to feel tingly a few days before anything appears on your lips.  This is a good time to start treatment before you suffer to much pain or accidently spread the virus.

When choosing a treatment that is going to work always looks for ingredients that have an anti-microbial present such as Manuka honey. This is an effective ingredient and is used in hospitals to combat staff infections (MRSA).

It is best to avoid any products that offer essential oils in your balms. You will find that these oils may be adulterated and can contain ingredients that are not suitable for digestion. They are often too potent for your delicate lip area.

Janine Hall is the Founder of The Organic Lip Balm Company to learn more about your lip care needs or to book a L-I-P-S reading. You can find full details or visit Janine at the Eumundi Markets Wednesday and Saturday