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How to apply my lip mask?

Blend a small amount of luscious lip serum and the mineral powder to form a paste, massage into lips and leave on for 5-7 minutes.  Rinse and wipe off the mask. Apply lip balm as normal or reapply the luscious lip serum.

How to apply tint?

Apply lip balm as normal, then place 3 small dabs of mineral powder onto your bottom lip then press and blend lips together and apply lip balm over the top. This seals in colour and lasts for 2-4 hours depending on what your lips are doing. Reapply as required. Most cases you will only need to apply lip balm.

How can I stop lip bleed?

Lip bleed is caused by cracks, dryness, and loss of collagen. Often it can also be the result of not preparing your lips before you apply a full lipstick.

Because your lips don’t have sebaceous glands they are unable to maintain moisture by themselves. Therefore when you use lipsticks and glosses they will immediately be absorbed by your lips. By using the mineral powder and luscious lip serum in your 24-7 plump and smooth kit regularly you will dramatically reduce the appearance of lip bleed.

Lip bleed can occur when you apply too much lipstick without creating a barrier around your lips. Try applying the lip powder after lip pencil and before your full-colour lipstick. You will only need to use a very small amount. Use your lip balm daily to help eliminate dryness.

Use your lip balm daily to help eliminate dryness and keep your lips smooth and hydrated.

Why are my lips always red and sore

You lips are indicators of your internal health. Having red and sore lips could be a sign to allergies such as dust and food. If you’re constantly licking your lips this is a clue that you are dehydrated and need to drink more water. Avoid sugary drinks as they don’t contribute to your bodies important hydration levels.

Why are my lips dry & cracked

Lips don’t have any sebaceous glands which are similar to your eye area and only .03 mm thick to put this into perspective if you were to separate a two-ply tissue this is a good indicator of how thick your lips actually are. Your lips need to maintain their moisture and the only way they can do that is to drink plenty of water and moisturise them.

How often should apply lip balm

You can apply your lip balm as often as is required. Some research suggestion people use lip balm up to 30 times a day. Keep your lips protected especially when you are in the sun, wind, snow.

what's different about your lipbalm

Our lip balm is infused with pure organic vanilla beans and Manuka honey. This unique combination gives lips incredible results. It all comes down to the quality of the ingredients used and as we only use certified organic that way you know your lips are in good hands. It could also be what we leave out that makes the difference. You won’t find fragrances, petroleum, lanolin, parabens or any synthetic in any of our products. It’s our promise to you.  Our formulation has been perfected for 16 years. Our lip balm is also essential oil free.

Why can't you use normal moisturiser for you lips

Moisturiser and lip balm are 2 different formulations that do distinctive things. Moisturiser is designed to be absorbed by your skin. Lip balm is a humectant which means it locks moisture in and keeps dryness away. And because your lips don’t have sebaceous glands they cannot regulate the amount of moisture on their own. You can apply lip balm as often as is required

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