Luscious Lip Illusion - Why Are Petroleum products bad for your lips?

Following on from last months article I’ve had a lot of people want to know more about why petroleum products are so bad for your lips yet so commonly used. This month we break down the luscious lip illusion of fake-good products.

 In most cases reaching for a product that moisturisers your lips, especially as the weather, gets cooler and the humidity decreases are really a no brainer, but what if what you’re using is doing more harm than good.

The illusion when using these petrochemical based products will give your lips that moisturised, hydrated feeling yet it’s not water-soluble and acts as a water repellent. This lustered imitation of a great lip care product more often than not help to clog your pores. 

And unless you know exactly where the petroleum jelly has come from and made for, you may be risking your luminousness lips to some very well documented ingredients such as dioxane 1-4. This is a by-product that is known by leading chemists, formulators and other industry leaders as a carcinogen. 

Perhaps what you should be looking for is added emollients to your lip care needs. Things such as shea butter, cocoa butter, bees wax and carnauba wax are all great examples.

If you’re unsure of what’s really in your lip balms it best to read the back of the label for a full list of ingredients. The list must be ordered from the most to the least it’s the law and any product not making the list completely clear (no matter what the price is) should be left on the shelf.

7 reasons why your petroleum products are bad for your lips

1.     May contain known carcinogen

2.     Acts as a repellent and not hydrates

3.     Clogs your pores 

4.     Can be the cause of your cracked/dry lips 

5.     Can not be metabolized

6.     Doesn’t allow other beneficial ingredients to be absorbed

7.     Hormonal disruptors

The luscious illusion of lip care doesn’t stop with petroleum and you should consider these commonly used names as well.

  •     Petrolatum
  •     Liquid paraffin
  •     Mineral/paraffin oil or wax
  •     Anything with PEG – DEA- MEA
  •     Benzene and Toluene

So with fake illusions of lip care products is there a simple solution to help you choose the right one? Thankfully there is and the key to looking for your happy luscious lip solution is to opt for ingredients that are protein-based because it’s these basic fundamentals that restore the hydration and collagen in your lips. 

7 protein based ingredients your lips will love

  • Organic bee pollen (40%)
  • Organic Goji Berries (approx. 20%)
  •  Spirulina (57%)
  •  Hemp Seed (33%)
  • Soya Beans (40%)
  • Chia Seeds (20%)
  • Almond oil (21%)

A little customer story with huge results:

Recently a young girl stopped by my Eumundi Market Stall, she was desperate to fix the chapping and dryness on her lips, she was at her wit’s end and her mum was very worried because nothing seemed to work. After trying some lip balm and within 30 seconds her lips become hydrated and felt moisturised, we all couldn’t believe how quickly it had worked. Ohh if only I had time to take a photo of the sheer delight on her face, her smile was worth a thousand pictures!