No. 1 Beauty Balm for Mums

No. 1 Beauty Balm For Mums

This is the No. 1 beauty balm for mums and here’s why.

The Queen of Lips, Janine Hall knows the power her Intentional Beauty Balm can have. As a result, she is an advocate for incorporating it into a simple daily skincare routine for an inspirational day.

At Twenty2Luxury, we understand that it’s important for any busy parent to feel fabulous, especially as you are often time-poor, and multi-tasking is a necessity.

The No. 1 Beauty Balm For Mums Is More Than a Lip Balm

This is why, The Queen of Lips, has given the humble lip balm a makeover and is now much more than a topical application.

As someone who believes in the power and energy of safe effective natural ingredients, Janine has known for a long time that applying any product to your skin, especially your lips, can have the ability to change your emotional well-being. 

Which, is why it’s so important to know your product inside out. As the common saying goes we are what we eat, likewise, this should be said about your beauty regime. And your lip care routine is no exception!

With simple ease and elegance, it is possible to turn your lip balm into the No. 1 beauty balm for mums. 

Janine’s Intentional Beauty Balms and the Original Vanilla & Honey each are designed to inspire your day by using your focused intent awareness. 

Formulated with the pure synergy where science, nature, beauty, and well-being synchronize, it’s a simple tool to help you feel more confident, relaxed, and happy. 

If you grab just one thing to pop into your handbag, it has to be your lip balm. 

Here’s 5 Reasons Why:

  1. Can be used as a nipple barrier
  2. Great for nappy rash
  3. Works almost instantly on any cracked dry lips
  4. Use under your eyes to reduce stress lines
  5. Great for bites, scratches, rashes, cuts and reduces redness

The next time you’re rushing out the door, don’t forget to take your lip balm with you. It could literally be the best accessory in your handbag.