Pampering MUM with LOVE!

Let’s face it if you ask most mums they’d say they love spending time with their children especially on days like mother’s day and perhaps even being taken care of for a change is something treasured and appreciated. I know this to be true for me as my kids get older, I simply love hanging out with them!

As I am both a mum and a daughter one of the best things I like to do is to give a little something to my mum that is handmade by me (mum really loves it!).

Other things I really love is creating simple ways to pamper my mum and me and I thought I’d share one of my favourite recipes that you may enjoy making for your mum.

Bath bombs are a great way to not only make yourself feel amazing, they also make your skin feel gorgeous. This recipe is easy to make and most ingredients can be found in your kitchen cupboard and take roughly 30 minutes to create.

What you will need:

1 cup of Bicarb soda

½ cup of citric acid

2 teaspoons of citric acid

½ cup of cornflour

50  -80 ml of water in a spray bottle


Optional extras:

A few drops of food dye or mica

Or why not even grate a fresh beetroot and use a teaspoon of the juice to colour your bath bomb mix.

1 tablespoon of white or red clay

Essential oil for aromatherapy 

Cookie cutter for molding shapes.



Place all dry ingredients into a bowl and mix well. Then spritz the dry mixture until it looks like wet sand when squeezed together. Press firmly into your mold shape and allow to dry for 24 hours. They should be hard to press when dry. Place in a large glass jar which is airtight or wrap individually.


These can be used as a foot bath or for a complete bath, depending on your needs. Put some nice relaxing music on and let mum relax. I’m sure she’ll love you even more for it!

Apply some lip balm to soften your lips and you can also massage into your mums’ nails to help them feel gorgeous.

I love making bath bombs so much I have now included a complete DIY kit on my shopping cart, where all the ingredients are there for your convenience in one handy place.


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