Lip Print Reading


You lip print describes your life’s journey, what you have come here to accomplish and many other unique things about your life. Happy, stressed, in love? Anxious, heartbroken? hiding secrets, overworked or feeling a little lost or stuck in your business and money flow right now?

Your lips reveal amazing things about you and you are likely to experience many aha moments.

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Your lips don’t lie

A lip-print reading is an ancient diagnostic tool used by traditional healers, body language expert and psychic’s, used over 3000 years ago as an interpretive way of systematically recognising health and emotional behaviour.   Janine combines her modern and personalised explanation with these ancient techniques and is a highly specialised intuitive healer and helps you on your life’s journey. 

How does your Lips Interpretive Personality Story begin?

It begins by taking a closer look at your lip characteristics, personality, and print. Followed by your lip shape, physical health, relationships, careers, and your quirky personality traits. The sessions work best when we enter into a conversation and using your unique print, help establish your story and begin to solve your problems or any issue you may have. This works best if you need an answer, feeling stuck or are in transition and need guidance in any area of your life. Your LIPS will help tell the story.


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