14 REVEALING SECRETS of the 24/7 Plump and Smooth Lip Remedy kit you NEVER KNEW!

What makes your products different? Is a question I get asked a lot

For me it’s about the quality of the ingredients, not following what industry professionals consider normal and necessary. 



Here’s a list of the TOP 10 ingredients I SAY NO TO: 

1. NO Fragrance

2. NO Dyes

3. NO Synthetics 

4. NO Preservatives 

5. NO Lanolin 

6. NO Petroleum

7. NO Perfumes 

8. NO Alcohols 

9. NO Benzene

10. NO Parabens

When creating the formulations I think about all the different elements and what YOU want in your lip care products, research the best ingredients that give you spectacular results…. 

So what makes these balms so very different?

The key components to any of my formulations are that it must solve MANY problems with one product… think minimalist and where else can I use this.

My all-time favourite product is the 24/7 Plump and Smooth Lip Remedy kit and is loved by many customers including Hollywood actors, and celebrity make-up artists.

This little beauty includes 3 gorgeous products, luscious lip serum, mineral powder and NOW a FULL-size TUBE of our original Vanilla and Honey Lip Balm and has 10 different uses.

Here are some testimonials:

 ‘It’s the best thing since sliced bread ’ Jennifer Gold Coast Australia

 Oh my goodness! how amazing is your product,  it’s a staple in my makeup kit’. 

Joni Hollywood Makeup Artist Los Angeles CA

 ‘I’ve been using my balm for 2 days and already seeing a difference! I will recommend to my friends for sure!’ Deb Canada.  

14 REVEALING SECRETS of the 24/7 Plump and Smooth Lip Remedy kit you NEVER KNEW!

1. The serum is high in protein, these are the building blocks to renewing collagen in your lip area. Also can be placed under eye area and TMJ at night, as assists with better sleep.

2. Active Botanical Calendula Flower helps relax and allows you to sleep better which makes it great for overactive lip areas and those prone to pre-mature lip-aging. Treats cold sores, wounds, and cuts. And is anti-fungal and anti-microbial.

3. Jojoba is the closest wax to your own natural sebum, this plays an important part in keeping your lips soft and subtle.

4. Bee Pollen stimulates new skin tissue, reduces scarring and contains a massive 40% protein, gives lips that bouncy feeling.

5. Evening Primrose Oil helps eliminate over-active brown hormonal marks, often found on your top lip. 

6. Evening Primrose Oil contains POTENT LEVELS of omega-6 fatty acid, this is great for collagen renewal, protects from flaky dry lips and FREE RADICALS. Is considered the happy oil as it balances your hormones, which enables you to feel more joyful.

7. Shea Butter works a magical synergy to help restore your lips elasticity, neutralises free radicals and stimulates collagen. It minimises blemishes, soothes cracked and sore red lips and won’t clog your pores like olive or coconut oil.

8. Cocoa Butter soothes your lips from the wind and sun and enables deep hydration. Is high in important fatty acids which helps heal chapped lips and mouth sores very quickly. It’s fantastic for lip-aging dark spots.

9. Goji Berry brightens your lip-tone and colour and helps repair the damage caused by UV lights. High in Vitamin C and has 14% proteins which produce collagen reduces the appearance of top lip lines. Keeps your lips super firm, bouncy and soft. Reduces environmental stresses such as excess worry. 

10. Vanilla Beans are a natural source of magnesium, keeping your cells healthy and happy. Prevents the growth of cancer cells. Speeds the recovery of wounds, cuts and burns. Improves your digestive issues, helps to relax your lip lines and is fantastic in treating anxiety and depression. 

11. Beeswax prevents chapped lips, rich in Vitamin A, and is a humectant, which means it retains moisture and forms a protective barrier attracting water molecules, soothes itches and protects your lips from UV LIGHT. This makes it totally kiss proof!

12. Manuka honey is a free radical fighter, wound healer and a natural exfoliant which keeps your lips super smooth. It’s also anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Hospitals have been known to use this to fight STAFF infections. Brilliant for the relief of burns.

13. Red Clay improves lip elasticity, removes dead skin cells, is photostable which means it protects your skin from aging due to excessive sun exposure. Won’t clog your pores is high in iron, zinc and magnesium.

14. Sandalwood Powder reduces wrinkles, stress lines blemishes and acne scars. Relaxes the nerves and muscles. Enhances lip brightness, treats sunburn, exfoliates and rapidly works to heal cracks and stops lip bleed.  

How to use your 24/7 Plump and smooth Lip Remedy Kit in 10 different ways

1. Lip Tint

2. Lip Pencil

3. Lip Mask

4. Lip Serum

5. Lip Balm

6. Lip Exfoliator

7. Lip Matt colour

8. Blush

9. Eyeshadow

10. Spot Acne Remover

See results after one use!