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Crushing the secret code on cracked lips

It’s winter time and your lips are feeling drier than ever, what do you do? Grab any old lip balm and hope for the best, apply some natural oils, or rush to the chemist and look for a cheapie fix. As long as your lips stop feeling like dry sandpaper you’ll be happy…right? 

Actually, you may not be aware but there are some common natural oils that can cause your lips to feel even worse, especially in winter. One of the main motives is that during this season your lips are exposed to extreme weather including; artificial heating, windy and dry winter conditions.

Here’s a list of my top 3 crackers to avoid

Coconut oil: Even though this amazing oil is considered a super food in it’s natural form it may not be the best to apply to your lips, why? There’s a little known scientific fact about this oil and this is, it’s a known comedogenic; this means it can cause your skin to clog which creates the perfect atmosphere especially around your lips for dryness, acne, pimples and skin irritation to occur. It may be wise to simply eat it instead.

Petroleum Jelly/ mineral oil: Is manufactured from crude oil and although this oil does not penetrate the skin easily, it can cause it to naturally stop any moisture from entering the skin. These oil molecule structures bind other fat soluble vitamins and oils together and take them unabsorbed out of the body which can produce symptoms of dry and irritated skin. Undercover names to avoid: Paraffin wax, benzene, toluene, PEG, DEA, MEA, Phenoxyethanol.

Vitamin E:  Or Tocopheryl acetate is a synthetic version (of vitamin E) made in a laboratory to produce a cheaper by-product.  This vitamin or tocopheryl is mixed with acetate (an acid) which can be harmful and cause your skin to become dry and red. It can attack the skin and cause allergic reactions.  Stick with the real stuff if you are going to use this. Undercover names to avoid: Vitamin E acetate, d-alpha-tocopherol, d-alpha-tocopherol acetate. 

Take the FREE 5 DAY Kiss your CRACKED LIP GOODBYE Challenge

What’s my secret code lip cracking tip?

To eliminate the feeling of cracked and dry lips look for balms that are a humectant, which means they offer protection and form a barrier on your lip area whilst being able to reduce the loss of moisture and allow other oils, waxes, and butter to penetrate and be absorbed by the body. 

A quick customer story: Lyn who was loving her previously purchased luscious lip serum, stopped by a few weeks ago and shared with me a little personal challenge that she had begun by using a chemist brand, even though it was more expensive, she wanted to see if it would have better results. Lyn let me know that TOLBC serum was the better choice for her and won’t be using the chemist brand any longer.

Thank you Lyn for your feedback x


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