The Secrets on Your Lips 

with Australian Lip Print Reading Expert, Janine Hall 

You might be surprised to learn that your lips reveal your secrets without you ever having to speak a word because the lips themselves, tell your story.  


Happy, stressed, in love? Anxious, heartbroken? Hiding secrets, overworked or feeling a little lost or stuck in your business and money flow right now? We wear these emotions on our lips, easily discovered by an expert eye like Janine Hall.  

World Renowned Lip Print Reading Expert Janine Hall from the Sunshine Coast, Australia, author of Australia’s Top book on Lips, One Million Kisses, has been fascinating audiences with her ability to tell someone’s story from their lips.  

“Your lip print describes your life’s journey, what you have come here to accomplish and many other unique things about your life.” She said. 

Whether in person, across a video interview or even live, on-air, in just a few minutes Janine can accurately discover a lot about a person by reading their lips. A wide range of things from their emotional state to possible health issues to past trauma and things holding them back in love and life. It all comes out in their beautiful lips!  

“I have had clients whose lips I have read, and I have instantly seen things come up that are really affecting their lives, they can even be moved to tears. It brings up a lot of emotions. 

“As the readings are highly informative a varying array of emotions can be felt from laughter through to tears and there are often so many real ah-ha moments. I have been able to say things like they need to stop believing the grass is greener on the other side as that has come up right away and they have then been shocked at how accurate that was for them at that moment.”  

The readings are soulful and intuitive, bringing together an ancient art, years of knowledge and skill and Janine’s unique abilities. Her lip print reading sessions are incredibly moving and eye opening for participants. They are constantly amazed at the things she sees in their lips.  

“What is relevant right now is what will come up for you in your lips.”  

“What your lips reveal about you is amazing,” says Janine. “Lips are probably the most misunderstood body part that we just don’t understand and we either love or loathe so educating people about lips is what I do. They are just fascinating, our  lips change with our mood, experiences, and health, they have the ability to change in appearance and looks even hour to hour.”  

Her love of lips, passion, and expertise has launched an incredible career in lips including being the author of first Australian book about lips, One Million Kisses which can be found at  

Combining her love of lips with business, Janine is also the brilliant mind behind the extremely popular organic lip balm range at The Organic Lip Balm Company, a product range that was has been extremely successful. Along with flourishing sales worldwide it has been a finalist in her local business awards twice and was handpicked to be featured in 2019 Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills, Celebrating Oscars Weekend for Hollywood & Celebrity Gifting to Celebrities for the fourth time in a row, where the lip balms and gift certificates for a lip print reading session with Janine will be given to some very famous and beautiful lips. 

“It was fantastic to be selected and now that we have been invited back four years in a row, we are super excited to see who will get our gifts! We are now sourced by leading Hollywood makeup artists who use our products on celebrities. The lip balms are currently being used by actors and actresses in the Marvel Comics Runaways series filmed in Hollywood, USA. 

“It has been a fantastic opportunity which has really helped launch not only the incredible lip balms but I’ve also written a book and have created an entirely new healing modality to help others. I have fans all over the world recognise the products and services I have created,” said Janine. 

“In fact, before I was invited to go into the Hollywood Swag Bags my humble little lip balm was just a product in another beauty range that I had created.”   

Janine is truly gifted at the ancient art of lip reading and her readings can change lives, help people rediscover themselves, find their true calling, even potentially save relationships. People are raving about her readings and she is developing a fiercely loyal following of fans.  

Belinda, a recent Lip Print Reading client said, “I was a bit of a skeptic, trusted the process and my mind is officially blown. Oh, my goodness, so accurate and feel like I’ve reached a new awareness in life.” 

Lip Print Reading is the art and science of reading the shape, lines, and features of lips. A reading can reveal information about a person’s personality, skills, life experiences, and emotions. Janine Hall is Australia’s leading expert on Lip Print Reading and one of only a handful of experts worldwide.  

People can book a Lip Print Reading through Janine’s website and follow her events and live lip readings through her Facebook page  And Instagram:  

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