Celebrate International Kissing Day: SECRETS TO KISSING

Did you know that each year on July 6th there is an entire day dedicated to kissing? This is the perfect time to celebrate all things loving about you and your lips.

But there’s more to a kiss than you might think; have you ever had that awkward moment when you end up actually connecting your lips with a complete stranger’s lips when you meant to kiss them on the cheek? Doesn’t it tend to leave you feeling embarrassed?

Kissing is one of the most loving things we do, whether it’s a friendly kiss on the cheek with a friend or a heartwarming expression of your love with someone special. We’ve all had a memorable kiss that can “literally take your breath away”, or leave you feeling like you’ve been kissed by yet another frog.

This universal language of love and friendship is an ecosystem of expression and given that we now know our lips are the most sensitive part of our body perhaps this is why it’s yet another way, similar to your smile, that we can express ourselves without talking.

Equally the way we kiss or are being kissed can be an explanation of how we know someone and how we want them to know us.

Here are my 5 favourite kissing styles all wrapped up

The Friendship Kiss: Or the greeting hello kiss. Generally, on either side of your face and rarely on your lips. The touching of the cheeks pays reference to trust and self-worth.

The Forehead Kiss: This represents a deep connection and fondness with who you are. Gentle, kind and loving. You have a more intimate connection with this person.

The Grandmother kiss: Grandmothers can get away with absolutely anything. She’ll come in and just grab you in a big hug, look you straight on and give you a kiss on each side of your cheeks.

The Air kiss: This is a Beverly Hills Housewives-type kiss. They will make the noise, but there is no connection. What this is saying is that they really want the other person to like them, but they are setting boundaries so they don’t get too close.

The French Kiss: This is an intimate event shared between two people who have loving and deep affectionate feelings towards each other. It’s the most intimate way to express your feelings to someone you care about. The lips are connected to every chakra point, particularly the heart chakra.

Kisser tips: When kissing or greeting someone to say hello always go to the non-dominant side of the face/body. This is usually the left hand side; I say “keep left to avoid a head on”.