The Power of your Intentional Beauty Regime

For most when we apply any beauty product we naturally think of topical application only, however with more individuals becoming aware and being emotionally accountable, it’s time to take a much closer look at your makeup routine. 

What if, you could change your day with the power of your makeup, is it possible?

The answer is absolutely and over the next 12 months or so you will see this trend pop up in your spa treatments, where your therapist will ask you what is your intention for this treatment?


As the common saying goes we are what we eat, likewise this should be said about your beauty regime.


For a long time now I have known and believe that when applying any product to your skin, has the ability to change your mood and emotional well-being. Which is why it’s so important to know your product inside out.


Ingredients found in your beauty regime play a major role in how you feel throughout your day, so the next time you are applying any product ask yourself how this helps your well-being.


This is why I created the Intentional Beauty Balms which are designed to inspire your day through using your focused intent awareness and any situation that requires an emotional connection and support. It’s a simple tool to help you feel more confident, relaxed and happy. Formulated with the pure synergy where science, nature, beauty, and well-being synchronise.

An Intentional Beauty Balm Blind Date Success!

A friend who had recently used the Intentional Beauty Balms reported back to me after going on a date with a complete stranger, she said she had the best date of her life, now that’s saying something! 

First of all, it took a lot for her to go out on what was virtually a blind date, and after recently ending things with her former partner she was scared to trust and didn’t think she could be bothered as things were just too fresh in her mind. Luckily for her she had a change of heart.

As she was getting ready she applied some balms and said the attached mantra which goes with each product. She couldn’t believe how fantastic the date went and strongly believed that her magic little lip balm played a big part in the success of the night. And now whenever she wants to enhance her wellbeing and change her thoughts she simply applies the intentional beauty balm which helps ease through her day. 

She has now been in this relationship for over 9 months, and can’t believe how lucky she is, in fact, my friend shared with me how she helped her partner overcome a difficult challenge by getting him to apply his own balm.


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