Exclusive Australian Artisan Celebrity Gifting Service Launches For 2020 Oscars


“Australia has gone global in recent weeks with its strength and love amidst a devastating time. By gifting 2020 Academy Award Nominees we hope to showcase the Australian way of life on an international level for all to aspire to while also bringing recognition to the hardworking Aussie Artisan small business owner.


- Janine Hall, Founder, Twenty2 Luxury Australian Artisan Celebrity Gifting

Twenty2Luxury Celebrity Gifting is an Australian initiative created by Janine Hall aka the Queen of Lips, an innovative small business owner based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Since 2016 Janine’s lip balms and lip print readings have been gaining international recognition, with many an A-List Celeb having been gifted their very own to use such as Oprah, Ellen and Kate Winslet to name a few.

This year Janine has invited fellow Aussie brands to be part of the first ever 100% Australian Artisan Oscar gifting service which, aims to represent the courage of Australians but also the heartbeat, soul and passion that’s invested into each Australian made product. 

2020 Academy Award Nominees such as Scarlett Johansson, Margo Robbie, Laura Dern, Florence Pugh, Kathy Bates, Renee Zellweger, Charlize Theron, Saoirse Ronan, Diane Warren and Vivian Baker will all receive the elite box.

To Janine Hall, Twenty2 Luxury Gifting is a way to “put Aussie businesses on the map” at a time when the “small business landscape of down under needs it the most.”

Janine, who carefully curated a versatile box of exclusive luxury artisan products for 2020 female Academy Award Nominees, hopes that many people will fall in love with these Aussie small businesses. The box is valued at xxxx

The small Australian boutique businesses that were personally invited to be part of the first ever Aussie Artisan Celebrity Gifting include Mojo, Uniqueness, Regrowth Hair Clinics, Banyula-B, Downunder Oils, La Santé Wellness, and her very own The Organic Lip Balm Company and Lip Print Reading.

After the untimely passing of her best friend whose favourite number was 22, Janine found the inspiration for what would become Australia’s first international celebrity gifting platform focused on promoting the mom and pop businesses of her home country.

“My best friend Lizzy was as inspirational as they come, raised in a foster home, she became a self-made Australian woman simply from an idea, a passion and an incredible work ethic. Twenty2Luxury was an idea we started together. When Lizzy suddenly passed away in June 2019, I wanted to continue to develop the initiative by honoring her spirit so that others could also be inspired by her success and vitality.”

According to spiritual experts the number 22 is “one of the most powerful numbers to turn all dreams into reality” and in no place is this more apparent than in Hollywood - a place where thousands flock every year to turn their dreams into reality.

Twenty2 Luxury Australian Artisan Celebrity Gifting is a rapidly evolving success story; if Hollywood’s enthusiastic response to this Aussie Company is anything to go by. Interested in owning your very own Twenty2 Australian Artisan Gift Box or being part of future gifting opportunities? Contact Janine via her website www.organiclipbalm.com.au for further enquiries.

For enquires about you owning your Twenty2Luxury Oscars Gift Box please email: info@organcilipbalm.com.au