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What does your top lip reveal about you?

 5 Common Causes that lead to your upper lip becoming unhealthy

Whether you start with a smirk, smile, compression or quiver your top lip says a lot about you, your health and even your mood. In different healing modalities such as Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and intuitive healers such as Louise Hay a lot of emphasis is taught about understanding the physical signs of what your body is telling you. In regards to your upper lip this can be anything form cracked and dry lips, redness, lines, biting, scars, thinness, thickness and so many other details. In todays blog we’re concentrating on the 5 common causes that lead to your upper lip becoming unhealthy and how you can easily fix it.

Lips are one body part that you can’t cover up, yes you can enhance them and change their colour but as far as covering up their true identity with clothes in most cases its simply impossible to do unless your wearing a motor bike helmet or a balaclava. Your upper lip is truly fascinating in what in can reveal about you. I mean who knew you could tell if someone had food allergies, digestive problems and harboured unwanted anger and even signs of kidney problems.

Common cause 1: Redness

Red lips unless we’ve painted them on is not something most people what to have an issue, it seems weird but we spend a fortune making our lips different colours then the normal healthy pink they should be. 

However, when we come across sore red lips it can indicate a lot more. Often you’ll experience red lips when you’ve been in the wind far too long and have that wind burnt feeling. Your lips are dry and you’re constantly licking them trying to give them more moisture. If you have a continual upper lip that is always red you should take a look at your diet as this is a key indicator of food and digestive issues. Your upper lip is directly linked to your stomach, liver and spleen, heart and lungs. Whilst your lower lip is associated with your intestines. Your upper lips related to organs that are responsible for the processing of the food your eating. 

For a quick solution if you suffer form red lips try eliminating dairy, wheat, sugar one at a time for a few days each this should give you an indicator if one of these is causing an issue for you. If you continue to suffer from redness that it’s time to look at your emotional wellbeing; ask yourself is something bothering, you? Do you find something indigestible? Start with this and if you still aren’t seeing results its time to look at the chemicals your applying to your body. Eliminate Fragrances and synthetic colours.

Common Cause 2: Cracked

Are a sign you are extremely dehydrated and not paying enough attention to the elimination of your waste and digestive system. You may be suffering from constipation or diarrhoea.  Try drinking a glass of water an hour. And avoid adding petroleum based products on your lips

Common Cause 3: Lines

Lines are signs of too much worry in your life especially if you aren’t a smoker? There are many nerve endings that can contribute to the tension you may have in your upper lip. Do you get frustrated easily? Or have a volatile temper? If you have excessive lines on your upper right side it could be an indicator that you have pent up emotions caused by males in your life and likewise if your lines are predominately on the left it could indicate frustrated feelings from the females in your life.  To worry less simply be concerned for your own wellbeing, worrying about others and their behaviour is something you can’t control. In other words, be responsible for yourself and ease the burden of trying to help or control others. 

Common Cause 4: Dry

Can be caused by over licking of the upper lip, too much salt, alcohol and sugar in your diet. In severe cases this can be incredibly painful. On an emotional level licking your lips is linked to being frustrated with your life and unable to see through your current situation.

Common Cause 5: Thinness 

Is mainly due to your own personal anatomical structure and personality, however as you age it is common to loose collagen that helps plump your lips. What causes the collagen loss is mainly due to the depth and thickness of your lip area. Are you aware that your lips are only .3 -.5 mm thick to put this in practical terms take a two ply tissue and separate them, this is the thickness of your lips. Its any wonder they loose collagen more readily than other parts of your body. If you have excessive loss of collagen at a younger age it can be caused by disfunctioning cells due to your diet and extra curricular activities such as sun damage, smoking, sugary foods. Try to increase the level of blood flow to this area by regular mouth exercises and pressure point therapy. Yawning is a really easy way to add blood flow to your top lip area.

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