young lady with red umbrellaWhat’s your smile style? Part 2

Smiling, why is it beneficial to our universal language? When we smile there are no words necessary and you simply speak through your smile. But what is it about the way we smile that makes you know what the person is thinking? 

Is it an expression of love, anger, frustration, shyness your smile can say it all. It doesn’t matter what nationality we are or how many languages we can speak, we all communicate through smiling.

There are many different ways in which your smile can indicate how you feel, if you’re happy, sad, or find someone attractive as well as so many other emotions. If you stop and think about it for a moment, you’ll see just how far a smile can really go.

Here’s your second 5 smiles

6. Smirk: Has actually 2 meanings to it and depending on what side of the face upturn/downturn is situated and who you’re facing could reveal your true feelings. If you’re standing to the side of the person and smirking at them with one side of your mouth down and the other up. This indicates that you’re unsure of this person and not quiet trusting of them. If however, you are face on and smirking means your more likely to agree with them. Even if you think it could be rather silly and amusing.

 7Tight lipped: You’re feeling shy and can vulnerable towards the person. This can often indicate that you are feeling unsure of yourself and not sure about the other person. Perhaps a little intimidated and you may feel the other person who is receiving you’re smiling is more dominant.

8Shy: Has a pursed and tight lipped you may cover it with one finger which indicates that you are feeling out of your depth. This smile style is often associated with someone you find attractive and want to show your vulnerabilities to.

9. Covered: The complete hand is covering your mouth or its covered with clothing, either way you’re being sneaky. Perhaps you’re in a situation where to smile outwardly would be considered rude or un social.

10. Smiler: This is a person who unconsciously walks around smiling. There is no indication of others around the person. You can tell this person as they have genuine friendly demeanour to them. The smile is indicated at know one in particular but doesn’t stop. This is a happy calm person who radiates love with out knowing it. 

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