What‘s in a THANKYOU?

I think I speak for most when I say at some point in our life we have received an out of the blue, thank you, or experienced a certain kindness that goes far beyond a duty of care or simply doing a “job”.  When this happens like most receiving it you sometimes don’t know what to do, as you consider that you haven’t done anything exceptional or out of the ordinary you see it as merely doing what needs to be done.

However, those receiving your kindness see it at something different, rather an act of grace and graciousness.  And that’s a beautiful thing! Think for a moment at the last time you received a thank you for doing your job, or helping a friend. It may not be considered a big deal to you yet the person receiving your kindness is very appreciative and will say thank you, often more than once.

Perhaps it’s simply being there at the right time after all every action always has an equal reaction. If you really mean it when you say thank you the other person will definitely feel it. Isn’t that a great way to be.

Saying thank you is more than 2 words put together, it has a gorgeous humbling of energy behind it that really makes you feel happy and appreciated. 

I’m sure that most people just like you could list quite a few friends or family members that have simply ‘been there when you needed them’ moments throughout an emotional or tuff time in your life. 

A thank you is more than just good manners and according to psychologists can also help build good social friendships, improves one emotional and physical well-being and improve both the giver and receiver’s self-worth. Being able to help makes the person feel socially valued and appreciated.

Today I’d love for you to stop and think when you’ve made someone feel special or when someone’s said thanks’ to you. How did you feel when given a Thank you?

Recently my family and I have experienced this very thing, kindness and gratitude, over and above any “I’m just doing my job”.  It stops you in your tracts and leaves you feeling such peace, happiness and kindness for others. 

For me there are 1000’s of unsung heroes simply doing their work and going about their day, unaware of the absolute grace and kindness that they leave behind for others to appreciate. 

For this reason, we are celebrating Gifts of Gratitude and invite you to share your story with us. How has someone helped you overcome a stressful time or help in any way that sometimes saying thank you doesn’t seem enough. Simply email your story to info@organiclipbalm.com.au to be part of the November gift-away.

Remember this as we launch into the ‘silly season’ take a moment to say thank you for everything in your life.


To find out more about our gifts of gratitude celebrations go to www.organiclipbalm.com.au

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