pink top ladyWhat’s your smile style?

Smiling is our universal language, there are no words necessary and you simply speak by the way you smile. But what is it about the way we smile that makes you know what the person is thinking? 

No matter what nationality we are or how many languages we can speak, we can all communicate through smiling.

There is are many different ways in which your smile can indicate how you feel, if you’re happy, sad, or find someone attractive as well as so many other emotions. If you stop and think about it for a moment, you’ll see just how far a smile can really go.

Here’s part one of 10 most common smile styles 

 Your first 5 smile styles 

1.    Beaming: This is a wide open mouth and can stretch as far as you can open your mouth. This indicates that you find something amusing and that you want to be liked by this person. A laugh with a beaming smile indicates that you could find this person incredibly attractive or you are expressing your personality in a large way. You may also think what the other person has said is incredibly funny, or you are wanting to high light yourself.

2.    Closed: A smile can be often performed with your mouth closed and slightly upturned or downturned at the edges depending on what you have heard. This is often associated with either a brief hello in a friendly manner. However, if you know that person and are in conversation with them it could also indicate a slight bit of sarcasm if your mouth edges are turned up you with think this slightly funny and you’re in a good mood. If your mouth edges are turned down, then this could indicate that you’re not quiet sure about what the person has just said to you. You could find it a little bit offensive.

3.    Pursed:  A pulled top and bottom lip expression that reveals that you’re more than likely thinking that the person who your smile is meant for is perhaps smug or expressing themselves in a smug manner. You are neither impressed or amused by this person. You could be quiet annoyed but not angry.

4.    Crooked: When one side of your mouth and head is turned up. You’re subtly keeping something hidden from the other person who is receiving your smile.  There is something that you are not quiet sure about or disagree with, but for the sake of the conversation. You choose to give a small indication that you don’t agree without saying that may be offensive to other person.

5.    Posed: When the pressure is on and you are being staged to perform. You immediately revert to the posed photo smile.  Or you’ve been asked to smile for something. This smile is all about getting something with over quickly as you could often feel very awkward and not in the moment, even though this is what you are meant to appear to be. 

 Look out for part 2: What’s your Smile Style 

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